If you are seeking psychological services or assessment for ADHD or related disorders, note that our lab only rarely provides such opportunities in the context of one of our research studies. To find out if any ongoing AAA Lab study is recruiting individuals and provides assessment or treatment, please see the Current Research page.

For Appalachian State University students, intervention services that individuals with an ADHD diagnosis may benefit from can be obtained from the following offices:

For students and others residing in Watauga or neighboring counties, relatively low cost (i.e., sliding scale, insurance filing) assessment and intervention services are available from the following agencies:

For those seeking private psychotherapy services, Dr. Canu does maintain a small practice [PDF].

Reliably excellent care is also provided by:

  • Kurt Michael, Ph.D., 828-264-5385
  • Joshua Broman-Fulks, Ph.D., 828-406-1760
  • Denise Martz, Ph.D., 828-773-4337
  • Bob Hill, Ph.D., 828-265-6410